Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Kindergarten School Lunch #3

For this lunch I made a couple of fun shaped sandwiches, paired them with some nutrient packed sides, and an Honest Kid's Organic Appley Ever After juice. For details look below, and for my previous school lunch posts look here.

For the sandwiches:
1. Grab the bread and fillings you would like to use for your kiddos sandwich
2. Lightly toast the slices of bread, that way they'll be a bit easier to work with spreads and cutters (I only do this when I'm using spreads, not when I'm making a sandwich with cheese/meats)
3. Spread on your sandwich fillings/assemble the sandwich
4. Use a sandwich cutter to make the shape you desire, I made a couple of elephants using this one

For the fruit salad:
1. Grab some fruits your kiddo likes. I used strawberries and kiwis, but the options for this are endless, and you can use much more than just two fruits. You could add: grapes, bananas, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, peaches, etc. Sprinkling some wheat germ on fruit also gives it an added nutritional boost, so feel free to do that if your little one likes it. We ran out and I need to get some more, my daughter has always especially liked it on peaches!
2. Slice/dice them up into appropriate sized pieces
3. Put them all in a container together and mix them up a bit

For the avocado I just cut some of one up that I was eating in the morning and added it in the lunch box. See, I told you I like to keep it simple! Then for the drink as I said I added in a pouch of apple juice, Honest Kids Organic Appley Ever After.

A big part of how I make my lunches so cute for my daughter are the products that I use to package them. Containers with smiling animal faces on them, cute food picks, cloth napkins with favorite characters, fun utensils, etc. So I always give a picture of the lunch with the lids off, and the lids on. I also always pack a note in my daughter's lunch box, helping her practice her reading skills in a fun way and giving her a little message to make her day at the same time. Sometimes those aren't pictured because I put them in the top pocket with the ice packs, but don't forget it's a great idea to do!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Before School Breakfast #1 w/ Jelly Toast Squares

As you may already know I post lots of healthy school lunch ideas, which you can view here, but I'm also a big proponent of providing kids with nutritious and delicious breakfasts before they head off to their busy school days. So, I'm going to also be posting some ideas for that as well, in addition to posting school lunches! 

Here's #1: Cheesy scrambled eggs, jelly toast squares, and slices of avocado and banana. 

So, making this was pretty quick and easy, which of course is important for busy parents in the mornings. I just scrambled some eggs with some cheese (made enough for me to have some as well!), and sliced up a banana and an avocado and gave her some of each. For the funnest and yummiest part I decided to make some cute little Jelly Toast Squares. You can make these by toasting a piece of bread, then putting some butter and jelly or jam on it, and using a FunBites sandwich cutter. Pretty simple to put together, yet it packs in so many good nutrients!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Kindergarten School Lunch #2

For this lunch I packed:
- sandwich squares on heart food picks. I made a sandwich with SunButter and Marionberry jam, then I used this cutter to produce the little squares and then put three each on cute little heart food picks.
- grapes in a reusable baking liner, I love using these in bento boxes to put fruit or veggies in for added cuteness. You can find some here.
- an organic apple juice
- a container of pretzels & hummus

I also packed a little heart shaped love note and some ice packs to keep the food cold.

Kindergarten School Lunch #1

School is back in session, so I'm back with lots of lunch inspo for ya! I try to make lunches that are fun and will make my little one smile during the day when she opens her lunch box. I also try to keep them healthy, with food to fuel her up for her day. And most importantly for a lot of busy moms out there, I try to keep them relatively simple to put together. Sometimes I'll do something that I prep the night before, but mostly I use a lot of sandwich cutters, and food picks to quickly add cuteness.

For this lunch I packed:
- a sandwich container with a sandwich cut into puzzle pieces. You can make a sandwich like this using this cutter. Of course make the sandwich with whatever your child likes/is allowed at their school. I used Sunbutter, and some Marionberry jam.
- watermelon, cut up into pieces
- an Uncle Matt's organic orange juice
- a simple salad (just lettuce and cheese) in one container, and some dressing (raspberry vinaigrette) for it in separate dip/dressing container. I like using the dip/dressing container with dressings for a couple reasons. For one that way the lettuce isn't just sitting with the dressing on it for hours getting soggy, and for two it gives my little girl some responsibility and fun putting her dressing on.

I also packed a cloth napkin, it's a good touch for in case they need to wipe their little fingers or mouths. It's a bonus if it's in a cute pattern or has a favorite character on it. Also packed a fork, ice packs to keep the food cold, and a little note from me to make her smile. With young kids it's great to give them something they can read or recognize most of the words in, the more practice the better and the message will make them happy!

As you can see I also like to use cute containers!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Penguin Sandwich & Pudding School Lunch

This school lunch, like the others I have posted, is simple to make, sure to bring a smile to your child's face, and also nutritious. 

For this lunch I used a penguin sandwich cutter from Munchkin to create two penguin shaped sandwiches. When I make a sandwich that I'm going to be using spreads on, and/or a cutter I lightly toast the bread as the first step. Having it a little warm makes it easier to put on the spreads, and having it a lightly toasted makes it easier to work with the cutter. Once that's done I just assemble the sandwich as I normally would, putting SunButter on both pieces of bread, and some chocolate hazelnut spread in the middle. After that's all done I use the cutter and viola two adorable penguin sandwiches.

You can't just pack a sandwich though, you've gotta add some tasty and nutritious sides as well. I added some cut up peaches, with a cute zebra food pick stuck in the middle. I also packed a Zen Chocolate Almond Pudding cup, and a Slim Snack with Annie's Organic Cheddar Bunnies inside, my daughter's favorite addition to her lunch!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Mac n Cheese & Sandwich Bites School Lunch

If you follow my school lunch posts, then you probably know how big of a hit sandwich bites, or sandwich squares are with my daughter. I pack them quite often, they are just perfect and bite sized, and I actually feel like kids are more likely to finish a sandwich when it's cut in this way. I use a FunBites cutter to make them.

So, in the thermos there was some Annie's Organic mac and ceese, then I packed the sandwich bites on heart food picks, and some strawberries. For the sandwich bites just pick whatever kind of bread and spreads you like, and assemble the sandwich, use the FunBites cutter and then slide the pieces onto food picks.

Spring School Lunch

I love how bright and sunny this lunch looks! Totally reminds me of Spring with the sun on the raisin box, and the yellow food picks with little chicks on them. Too cute, and sure to brighten up a child's day when they open up their lunch box. 

In the lunch I packed:
- sandwich squares on the cute chick food picks. I make these on Sara Lee Honey Wheat Bread, lightly toasted, with some SunButter and chocolate hazelnut spread on it
- Earthbound Farm Organic Raisins
- Pears
- Trader Joe's Kettle Corn

All in her Bentology bento box.